EJCAP Online 22(4), December 2012, English

2 List of Contents

2 List of Contents

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The European Journal of Companion Animal Practice (EJCAP)

Volume 22(4) December 2012

The Official Journal of the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA)


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Coordination and communication

Karin de Lange

Editorial Board

Joaquin Aragones (ES)

Monique Megens (NL)

Denis Novak* (RS)

Simon Orr (UK)

Janne Orro (EE)

Milos Urban (CZ)

Ilya Sereda (RU)

*coordinating Editor for this special issue

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FECAVA is very grateful for the support of Hill's Pet Nutrition, MSD Animal Health and Elanco, the Prime Partners of EJCAP.

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Dear colleagues and friends,

As Editor in charge of this issue, I proudly present you with the first special issue of EJCAP online. It is dedicated to diagnostic imaging, a discipline that lends itself particularly well to online learning. We’ve chosen a number of top European experts on diagnostic imaging to present some ‘tips and tricks’ on radiographic, arthroscopic and ultrasound examination of selected joints and abdominal organs. The articles will also provide you with an insight into the newer tools of CT and MRI to show how these can help to diagnose some more elusive conditions. Check out the interactive slideshows, quizzes and videos! And who better to kick off this special issue than Joe Morgan, ‘grandfather’ of veterinary diagnostic imaging? You can also download the new poster on the prevention of antibiotic resistance, and listen to a message from our Russian colleague Ilya Serada.

A cold economic wind is blowing through Europe, and accounts of how our Spanish colleagues are faring can be read in our Focus on Spain page. Their advice: provide the best possible service to your clients and invest in CPD.

On this note, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Volume 22(4), December 2012 SPECIAL ISSUE

Denis Novak

Clinical applications of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in small animals

Imaging of the urinary tract

Imaging the liver and biliary system

Radiology in pulmonary disease

Cauda equina compression syndrome

Dysplasia of the Canine Elbow Joint (CED) - Radiographic Technique and Radiological Interpretation

Diagnostic imaging of the pancreas in dogs and cats

Early diagnosis of fragmented coronoid process in the dog: elbow arthroscopy compared to radiographic signs of degenerative joint disease

An interview with Joe Morgan

Editorial team and production details

How to use EJCAP online

Veterinary diagnostic imaging, an introduction

FCP: arthroscopy vs. radiology

Looking at the pancreas

Elbow dysplasia scoring

Lower back pain in dogs

Looking at lungs

Looking at the liver

Looking at the urinary tract

New diagnostic tools for old diseases

Book reviews

Focus on ... Spain


Global and

European News

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