EJCAP Online 22(4), December 2012, English

3 How to use EJCAP Online

3 How to use EJCAP Online

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Volume 22(4), December 2012 SPECIAL ISSUE

How to use EJCAP online


Each scientific article is identified by one or more icons. These refer to the species (in green) or the veterinary discipline (in blue) of the article concerned. Below are all the icons that appear in this issue.


Gastro Intestinal




Cats & Dogs


For optimal use of the pdf articles, please use the latest version of Acrobat reader, which you can download here:


EJCAP online is an interactive veterinary journal. That means you can interact with the journal by clicking on various items. There are videos, slide shows, animations, surveys and more. And of course there are the scientific articles, the core of EJCAP online. You can download each article in pdf format, for you to print out or read online. The screencast below gives you a short demonstration on how to use all these interactive elements of EJCAP online. In this screencast, the April issue of EJCAP online is used as an example.

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